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Honey Pot Blend - Suitable for milk

Honey Pot Blend - Suitable for milk

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A crowd favourite for all the home brewers out there. A bold blend combining the richness of Brazil and the sweet profiles of Colombian beans to offer dark cacao and honey notes in the cup. Beautiful with or without milk.

Note: these are Whole Beans (so you'll need a grinder!)

Poços De Caldas, Brazil Natural

The volcanic micro region of Poços De Caldas is an authentic Brazilian coffee terroir, where farms are scattered along slopes of one of the most geologically rich volcanic Calderas in the world. 

Inza, Cauca, Colombia Washed

Cauca is located in the Colombian massif. It is in a plateau, located at nearly 1700masl and its surrounding coffee is produced in the beautiful undulated slopes. The so-called Mesata De Popoyan is also sheltered by the Andes mountain range, which helps to generate homogenous climatic altitudinal characteristics, giving way to one of the most outstanding Colombian coffee origins.  

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