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Single Origin Espresso of The Week

Single Origin Espresso of The Week

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Best enjoyed black

Suitable for Espresso, French Press, Stovetop, Percolator

This week's coffee has been grown, picked, washed and dried on Alberto Ramos' farm La Floresta, in Tolima, Colombia. Having his own wet processing mill on his farm has allowed him to experiment in more depth, producing high quality and exciting microlots. This coffee holds the same high reputation of its producer, with a complex flavour profile and bright tropical fruit-like acidity.

Brew Guide / Espresso

2-14 days / 20.5g dose / 50g yield / 26 seconds

14-21 days / 21.8g dose / 48g yield / 20 seconds

Note: these are whole beans (so you'll need a grinder!)

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